About Us

  • Neeraj Mehta
Entrepreneur since
1987. Keen Interest in Philanthropy. In April,2004 started teaching 3 children from weaker section of the society. Now the strength of the school is of 305 regular students. Mission is to provide purposeful literacy and inculcate moral Values, etiquette and focus to increase their standard of living.
In March 2015, started providing soft skills to these underprivileged children. Now to his credit is a full fledged E-commerce company – www.hatticom.com which is being run by underprivileged children’s of age between 14 – 18 years.Favourite slogan
Eat Study Play

  • Nitin Datta Lawyer Nitin Datta
Nitin Datta is an International Lawyer based in London and having a vast corporate experience. He advises on specific issues including, but in no way limited to Company law advice for Directors and shareholders, Buying or selling of businesses whether assets or shares, Corporate restructuring and reorganisations, MBOs and MBIs, Advising on and negotiating a wide range of commercial contracts including shareholder agreements, partnership deeds, articles of association, Joint venture agreements Distribution and agency agreements Standard terms and conditions of purchase and supply of goods and services, Advising on intellectual property rights & risks, Cyber Law, Corporate Law ,International Law, Corporate insolvency, Art Accusation and procurement. Business Development services on behalf of clients. Over all this years he has networked and provides his services to major Defence and governments around the world. His interest in philanthropy and passion and service before self is always present.
  • Dr. Pooja Pooja Chopra
Dr. Pooja is Ph.D. in management from University of Delhi, India, has a varied rich experience of 14 years in the field of environment, social development and brand management in private and government sectors. She is MBA in marketing and has also recently completed her masters in environment management from Yale University, USA.

Pooja is an Environment Conservation, Social Development, Ecotourism & Services Marketing specialist associated with government and private organizations. She also has a corporate experience in brand promotion, marketing research, business development and strategic marketing. She has a successful track record in directing from original concept through implementation to handle diverse market dynamics.

  • Geeta Sachdeva Geeta Sachdeva
Geeta Sachdeva : ( B.A, B.ED following by post graduation in economics.)I am happy to be serving here for the last seven Years as full time Senior Coordinator & Teacher. I always wanted to work for a Social Enterprise and God has been kind to have given me an opportunity to serve the society, through Swabhovik. Discovering the hidden talents, working around their natural abilities and subsequently training them around their skill set ability is our primary Goal. We too have a high drop rate. Reasons are many, the main one being- “The young child wants to earn quickly, parents of all these children are mainly illiterate & poor migrants’. We do counseling of parents on regular basis. These children are very social and have a “will’ to do much more. They require a caring hand, a little push with guidance at every level. We have 25:1, child –teacher ratio, which helps the bounding of the child with teachers We are able to make a difference with my team – Anjum, Achana, Gulshan, Ashu, Neetu, Saloni, Maninderjit, Deepti, Akhil, Rajesh & Palak

We are a young Startup with a base of 12 strong years of providing free Education to the under-Privileged


1. Just after completion of our Maxpro Info Park, in the year 2003, Our Architect wanted to get a widow placed with us. She could teach and was given a task to teach our peon’s son, his wife and our Night watch man’s daughter.

2. Seeing these children learning soon the strength rose to 35, in about 3 month. And by 2007, 105 students.

3. Space being a constraint, in 2009 we stated admitting our children to Govt. school sec 40 & 41, in 7th class.

4. Girl dropout rate started to happen. Unlike Govt. School, we have 25:1, Child: Teacher ratio, and also these children grow very fast and are always look out to become earning members of their family.

5. In 2014 we got most of these dropout children back & not only that, we started 7th to 10th class within our facility.

6. We started training dropout children on – Hyper Market Model, On Inbound and out bound calls, Fireless Cooking machine and most importantly Soft skills.


1. We have trained children to run first project of the world on e2e basis:
(a) Hatticom
(b) climate Care
(C) Foodkraft
(d) Independent Profit Centre
(e) Cottons by Swabhovik

2. We are in 12th year with 305 Students.

3. We have never accepted any donation/ fund/ grant.

4. We have always given free uniforms/ books/ tuitions and proper schooling.

5. We never went to the media till the year March 2015, as there was no need.

6. We been purchasing school uniform from outside. This year, our children’s made summer uniforms and got paid.

7. We have German (Rational) Flame-less cooking machine, which our children operate, and as Independent Profit Centre they are running it well, and also have free meals. We are just on a verge of getting meals orders from call centers.

Now & Why

1. World over NGO’s/ School/ corporates are doing good job.

2. We wish to be associated will all three and want to bring back dropout children and unemployed youth to the main stream.

3. NGO’s have much untapped resource, which can increase our GDP.

Some of the Children’s associated with our E2E Program

Jyoti Pal, 15 year old, one of our second batch child, she studied with us till VIth and subsequently we got her admitted to Govt. school for higher studies. There she found it difficult to continue and left studies. We got her back & now she is appearing for Xth Class exams from open board. We have given her skill-set training on German manufactured rational cooking machine. She can do fireless cooking for 200 meals with one help, in four hours. Her cooking for vegetables, rice & dal is to be tasted to believe. she’s also trained for outbound calling for www.hatticom.com. One can not come to know that the call is being made by a 15year old girl.

Gomti, a 15 year student .She joined us in the year 2005, Subsequently we got her admitted to class VIIth in a Government Model School, Sec-42. After completing her IXth she dropped the school and came back to us. She’s now preparing for her Class Xth open school exams. Sh. Here with us, she is trained in packaging and stock taking section of www.hatticom.com. She assist Jyoti Pal in preparing meals.

Samuel*, 19 year old dropout child. We taught him till Vth class. He quit his studies and started to work in dhaba and subsequently worked as a butcher. We got him back in the main stream and now, he does procurement, deliveries for www.hatticom.com. He is also trained to work on rational fireless cooking machine.

Joseph*, 17 year old, did his schooling with us till class VIth. We got him admitted in class VIIth in Govt. School.He and his friend ran away with a girl child to delhi, and there they were got caught by police and put behind bars. We assisted in getting the matter resolved and now Joseph* is handling Customer relation, does procurement, goes for car wash and is attempting to clear VIIIth class.

Ritik Kumar, student of class 8, has been with us for the last 8 years. He is working and seeking training with the dispatch section of our social enterprise, Hatticom.

Sikander Kumar, student of class 8, joined in the year 2010. He is a hard working child. He’s responsible for all the daily procurement for fresh vegetables, it’s packing and delivery to the end customer.

*Name’s have been changed