What is the vision of Swabhovik ?
“Education is a boon, if backed by employment”. With this vision we are on our way for social reform. Pan India School dropout ratio between LKG to XIIth class is at 83%. Behind this dropout disaster we have diversified reasons but the core reason is that the child wants to become earning member of his/her family as quickly as possible.
When did you start ?
The academic vertical was started in the year 2004, with three students and now after completing 11 years , we have more than 300 students on our rolls in current session, 2015-16. We can be looked up at www.facebook.com/swabhovik
Who are these children whom you teach?
Parents of these children, earn their living by doing odd job’S for the community.
How do you support the expense of teaching these children?
This started as philanthropy activity. We will always continue not to accept any donation or charge student. To make the activity self sustainable we have started www.Swabhovik.com.
What is the Need?
Definition of “Okun’s Law’, the relationship between an economy’s Unemployment rate and its Gross National Product ( GNP), which states that when unemployment falls by 1%, GNP rises to 3% (Developing Country 2 %)
Is there any Social – Impact of your project?

Our Business makes profit for the communities.

  1. We run campaigns on Sectors behalf.
  2. Use the resource to the potential, where it profits the most.
  3. Create network with other social enterprise/NGO’s/school.
    • a. To identify school dropouts.
    • b. To Groom & impart training to school drop outs/weaker children & unemployed youth.
    • c. Give employment to the trained youth & create infrastructure to launch Swabhovikcenter in that particular city or village.
How this reform will takes place?
As mentioned earlier, 83% of children are dropping from school education. Primary reason being, they want to become earning member of the family. We are training every child between 14-18 years, as per their Gifted intelligence ( www.intellithonindia.com) . They are paid to work for three hours a day. By the time they turn 18-19 years of age, they would be competent to stand on their own feet. We already have 14 years old girls who are trained to make & receive calls. We have trained boys on the Billing systems. We have trained boys for sales. We are empowering kids with education, skills, communication & etiquettes.
Describe the working model for this inspiring project?
Our one point agenda is to reduce Dropout rate of school children.Weidentify school dropouts/weak children studying in school, provide them skill training and assist them to open Swabhovik Centers in their respective city.
How society is going to be benefitted from this project?
Percentage of drop out ratio, from school has decreased. Parents of these children are aware of the training program. Children take tablets to their villages and take online orders. A tea stall owner also gives us online order. A small dhaba owner is our regular client.
What we are we looking for?
You are a rich resource. Your valuable time could get you rich dividends and the byproduct would be happiness for the fellow Country Men. You can also become our associate, customer, partner or evangelist.