Our Projects

With kind of resource India has, we can do the Impossible. For us, there has been no need to take donations or charge fee from any students.

1.Hatticom– Hatticom is an online portal for Daily needs, Fruits & vegetables.
We have trained 14years and above children to run first project of the world on Education 2 Employment basis, please visit www.hatticom.com
They handle complete operations – from procurement to delivery, from calling to receiving calls, from bill generation to quality checks. Most e-com have challenge for deliveries, whereas we are giving exposure to young boys to deliver merchandise on electric scooters.

2.FoodKraft-Our children cook meals in fireless machine, manufactured in germany and run it as an independent profit centre. By jan 2016, our children would be handling 2 canteens of call center, total meals sold in one day would be exceeding 2000.

3.Swabhovik Movement-We understand everyone is busy in their own schedule. We also understand many want to pay back to the society.
One can be a part of it by making an online purchase of our designer Apparels. Your purchase will help us to expand our project & distribute happiness.Please check
Our robust target is to sell one apparel to every Indian. Our apparels are made of 100% cotton and we get them manufactured on latest technology.

4. Climate Change- Climate Change has thrown earth water system – Off Balance.

Burning of fossil fuel, emission from gasses, causes atmosphere to heat up, Which leads to :
a. Frozen water melting quickly
b. Weather of all kinds, getting extreme.
c. Ocean water becoming hotter & acidic
d. Habitats on land and in the sea changing
e. Farming getting difficult with unpredictable weather
f. Hot weather, flooding and other extreme weather events damage infrastructure,
put heavy burdens on electrical supplies, and disrupt how we travel and commute
g. Thinner forests

Trees are important tools in the fight to stave off global warming, because they absorb and store the key greenhouse gases emitted by our cars and power plants, before it has a chance to reach the upper atmosphere where it can help trap heat around the Earth’s surface.
In Indian context, we have identified five indoor plants and six trees. These selected plants & trees are
the best to Offset Global Warming.
We have initiated a program of selling and planting “Ten trees, Every day”, starting from 1st of January’ 2016. With a Robust target
to increase plantation to hundred trees a day, We are not only going to plant but ensure they are protected and taken care off.

By planting we do our bit to mitigate carbon footprint and carry on the fight against hunger, poverty and climate change

5. Independent Profit Centre ( I.P.C.)- Also, Independent Hyper Market Concept,  Drop out children joining the main stream- focus is to make them complete their schooling- the main reason of dropping out is to become earning member of their family.