what is the need

What is the need

For Children’s

We have one point agenda, to decrease the drop out of school going children. Adolescents’ drop out from school education mainly because they want to become earning members of their family.
For every growing economy there are two challenges, Education and Employment. Through our program we are addressing both.
It has been researched and published that, Cognitive development happens till teens. We identify the current cognition level, the gaps, learning style for particular child. We customize education around particular child to fill the gaps and strengthen his natural ability.

Format of the result :

  • Rapport is built with the child
  • Valid and reliable Test is given to student as per his age after giving detailed instructions
  • Test is taken by Student following instructions and time limit
  • Test results include current cognitive capacity measure, dynamic IQ, focus factor, decision making ability DMA, CQ skill estimation level, natural learning style, cognitive gaps measurement, gifted ability, suitable career path.
  • Result is Discussed with parents and child is provided with professional counseling
  • The customized solutions in form of worksheets are prepared by our experts for each child as per his natural ability to reorder the cognitive Gaps and attain the desired levels
  • Quarterly Tracker tests are conducted to check the improvement.

How we do it

We ride on a Philosophy of Happiness. The work which gives happiness yields results and much sooner. The ones who took on their profession at an early age have become leaders in their respective fields. Mr. Sachin Tendulkar, Ms. Lata Mangashker, Mr. A.R.Rehman are few examples.

1 – We identify the child’s Cognitive and Natural ability, during nascent stage.

2 – Provide skill set training, between 14-18 years, in those particular abilities.
Assist child to complete schooling.

3 – Meeting Principal’s of Government, Rural & Private schools.

4 – Collecting data bank of drop out children.

5 – Counseling of parents.

6 – Connecting with the drop out Child.

7 – Identifying weak children in school, who are more likely to drop out from schooling.

8 – Providing skill development to these children.

9 – Providing individual child with a bucket of more than 500 jobs/business opportunities.-

10 – Giving exposure to children above 14 years in an area where they could excel.

11 – Some of the professions identified by us- http://swabhovik.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/List-of-Professions.xlsx