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Swabhovik, is a venture that combines the passion of a social mission with discipline, Innovation and technology. It aims to apply market driven strategies to provide products and services that serve the community and solve social challenges. www.swabhovik.com & www.facebook.com\swabhovik .

We started our project (education 2 employment) https://youtu.be/3y0gb8xeU-E in the year 2004 with 3 students over the period of time our school strength reached 305. We have evolved and are evolving since, aim is to reach a point where every single student gets employment or creates more jobs for fellow citizens. Case studies of our students are self-explanatory. Our captive & working expenditure till now is more than 3.25 crores & not even a single rupee has been taken as donation. We had debit, which too is cleared now. We registered a society in 2007 and the only transaction was in the year 2016, for Rs 20000 from Mr. Harold Carver, promoter of St Xavier School, sector 45, Chandigarh. The contribution was in lieu of beautiful candles made by our school students, during Deepawali. The balance in our account remains Rs20,000.

In the year 2017, we shifted our Goal post from year 2024 to 2050. Transformation takes place gradually but now 2050 look very promising.

Our Aim is to engage students in activities beyond classroom & hence reduce dropout. More dropouts mean having high unemployment on one side and no people to hire on other. There are various reasons for students to drop out. In the year 2016, we published a report in International General on reasons why student’s dropout in huge numbers.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3qojyWeJB9nTXZ3OFZYN3A2YlBmMzJLUF9scjU0Q0Jjd0tr/view Generally, dropout students are from marginalized families and their parents are illiterate. To assist the student, we need to assist their parents. Our program works as catalyst & provide assistance to enhance their livelihood.

Our Project is based on Holistic development. There are many NGO’s, Trust & foundations doing great job. Some are offering free meals, some particular medical aid & some in academic, but not even one is talking about HOLISTIC development. A particular person requires interventions on Health, Food, Education & Sports. Piece meal approach has not worked and will never work.

Our App stitches “The Four Pillars’ – Administration, School, Parent and the student. The Administration ensures the process is followed by the school. The School ensures the teachers are connected with the parent and the student. Attendance, academic, Sports and extracurricular activities are all on one dash board. The administration, on a fingertip can go down and look at individual profile of student. Not only this, particular skill and competencies of every student is mapped. We can also identify thru our diagnostic tool their parameters on Life-skills and triggers an indication on likelihood of a particular student dropping out. Our tool generates an Automatic resume/profile about the student and depending on the skill sets; the resume is pushed to the industry where it is best suited for.

In nutshell we are targeting to Mushroom out the Hidden talent, of each student, be it in extracurricular activity, sports or academic.