Economic Enhancement Project Activities

a. Recycle/Upcycle: We already have received contributions from the community, in our Recycle/ Up-cycle project. The contributions are in forms of Toys, Apparels, Footwear’s, Computers, Newspapers, Kitchen appliances and other items.

In the first phase, we intend to begin a program for the economically weaker parents of Seonk school. Product: old newspapers & Apparels.

  • Process: Parents of Migrant/ Economically weaker.
    • Rs 30 per 4 inch of stitching.
    • Rs 30 per Kg for washing of Apparels.
    • Rs. 30 per Kg for Ironing of Apparels. (Iron will be provided).
    • Making charges of Rs .50 per paper bag. (Newspaper will be provided)
  • Every Apparel, will be packed in paper bags & will be sold to the village community, at a rate which brings traction to the project.
  • Income generated from the product will be utilized in other welfare activities, of the village.

b. Cash Crop farming: Our Economy has always been dependent on Agriculture. It is really sad to see farmers not growing vegetables. They instead are purchasing vegetables from hawkers who are ruling the mandis as well. In the first phase five farmers have been selected. Process is as follows.

  • Soil Identification
  • Providing Certified Seeds
  • Assistance in plantation.
  • Assistance in providing natural remedies. Case study already in place at our farm.
  • Assistance in marketing and selling of produce. (www.hatticom.com The produce will be 30% more expensive and will make economic sense to the farmers.

c. Vermicomposting farming: The farmland in general has become much polluted. Requirement of Vermicomposting, is across the country is in abundance. Three farmers have been selected in the first phase, to start their own project. We have tied up with PNB and Nabard for the training of the farmers. This product has instant liquid market.

d. To maintain the equilibrium between development & environment, in association with villagers, Forest department and landowners we shall plant herbs, medicinal plants, which will encourage stake holders to increase their livelihood.

e. To get more footfalls in the village we will also run a ‘Pind Chalo” Campaign. Where the villagers furnish one bedroom with attached washroom and people from urban areas could visit them for night stay. This will encourage stake holders to increase their livelihood.

f. In association with land owner, tented accommodation in the wild/forest will be set up. We have tied up with land owner, with their undertaking of not disturbing the countering or cutting trees. Eco-friendly camp site with trek with extracurricular activities will bring more traction to the area. With more foot falls the area will become more prosperous.

g. Agriculture “work from home’ Call center. Where the local villagers will make and receive calls for selling the vegetables grown locally. Employment driven activity.

h. Agriculture “delivery man’. Where the local villager will deliver the fresh produce at the door of the purchaser. Only 100 customers will be registered in the first phase. Employment driven activity.

i. Mitigating unorganized businesses to organized. Services of Local Iron Smith, Flour Mill, Carpenters, Drivers, Security Guards, dairy & Man Fridays would be digitally marketed. All of these villagers would be KYC verified with same standards as those of Uber/OLA/PayT

Holistic Development

a. Inter exchange program with Private school participation. Where students will do graffiti & paint the schools and in second phase the village walls.

b. We will create six Volley Ball Courts, one each in Village Sayonk, Jyanti Devi, Gurra, Gurra Kausali, Bhangdi & Krondewala. With preference to have courts within schools. We already have three companies who have given consent of providing village team with sports shoes, track pant & T shirts. Intra Village competitions, Inter village competition and in second phase three villages Vs the other three Villages & in subsequent phases we will finally reach to district vs District competitions.

c. National Flag Hosting Every Morning and Retreat, in all six schools. Respective school students will be trained for the activity.

d. All School Children of six villages will be taken for one day out at ‘The Great Offsite’, once a year.

www.facebook.com/thegreatoffsite & www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E4_NXZrlLU